7 Things You Need to Compare BigCommerce Enterprise vs Shopify Plus in the UK

7 Things You Need to Compare BigCommerce Enterprise vs Shopify Plus in the UK

BigCommerce and Shopify are two of the most popular ecommerce solutions offering responsive designs, mobile optimization, and great features. Here are 7 points you need to keep in mind when comparing these two ecommerce platforms for your business in the UK!

There are enough reasons to believe that both ecommerce platforms, BigCommerce and Shopify are equally good for small and large businesses. They are two of the best ecommerce solutions, the market has to offer and both have a lot of similar features.

Let’s see what they are like when compared to 7 different parameters. Here are 7 crucial points you need to consider when comparing these two ecommerce platforms:

#1. SaaS-Based Ecommerce Solution: Both platforms are cloud-based and fully-hosted ecommerce solutions. You can access your store anywhere as long as you have a good internet connection.

#2. Features: Both Shopify and BigCommerce have awesome features, as well as, unlimited bandwidth, maximum uptime, scalability, and more. The difference is that Shopify allows a smooth transition from the current platform through an app which you can easily shift the existing customer to a new platform without sacrificing SEO. BigCommerce doesn’t offer this feature.

#3. User Interface: Even though the Shopify platform is known as being a user-friendly solution, BigCommerce shouldn’t be underestimated either. You can count on similar interface features from both platforms.

#4. Integrations & Add-Ons: Shopify Plus is equipped with add-ons which have proven to be effective and useful. You can integrate hundreds of apps with Shopify Plus which can additionally help you in accounting, marketing, shipping, and more.

#5. Responsive Designs: Shopify and BigCommerce offer responsive and mobile-optimized themes, however, Shopify definitely takes the lead.

#6. Payment Processing: Both, BigCommerce and Shopify collaborate with gateways like Authorize Net, PayPal, and others. Shopify Plus has its own payment gateway – Shopify Payments and connects with 78 gateways. BigCommerce connects with 38.

#7. Cost: This is a very important point to consider. Both platforms are competitive and have similar prices. Shopify Plus’s pricing model starts at around $1200/month while BigCommerce Enterprise starts from $900 – $1500. Neither can be selected over the other because of the monthly price.

BigCommerce vs Shopify Plus – both platforms have their pros and cons, both are well known and used by businesses (small, medium-sized, and large businesses) everywhere. Ask yourself what is important to you that you can’t really compromise and go for it!

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