Why choose Shopify Plus Over Big Commerce

Why choose Shopify Plus Over Big Commerce

Are you looking for a quality Enterprise platform? Choosing among the top enterprise Ecommerce platforms is no easy task. After all, there are various factors you must look at when conducting an Enterprise Ecommerce platform comparison.

When it comes to offering the best Enterprise Ecommerce software, Shopify plus manages to take the lead. Many tend to think that Big Commerce is a better choice. While it comes at a close second during the battle between Big Commerce vs. Shopify Plus, Shopify still wins. Here is why.

1.    It has better themes and templates

When it comes to offering quality free and premium themes, no enterprise Ecommerce platform comes close to Shopify Plus. The best thing about Shopify Plus’s themes is that they can be used by any store, regardless of its category. They are also priced at a reasonable rate, making them accessible by the masses.

When conducting an Enterprise Ecommerce comparison between Big commerce vs. Shopify, Big Commerce does deliver quality themes, but they are very industry-specific, and hence the choices you have are very limited.

2.    It has an excellent web design

To ensure success in the online world, you need a responsive web design. In Shopify plus vs big commerce enterprise, Shopify Plus wins when it comes to offering responsive and fast websites. They are easy to customize as well. The drag and drop editing option has been lauded by users since it makes designing your website quite simple.

3.    Easy to use

Another important factor where Shopify has managed to beat all competition is Ease of use. Shopify Plus, even though it is made for enterprise-level businesses, understands that ease of use is sought after by all. This is why it has made its interface to be very straightforward. The process of setting up a store and customizing it as per your needs is very simplistic.

4.    Flawless customer support

Priority customer service is an essential feature of enterprise platforms. Shopify Plus succeeds in delivering impeccable customer support. Their customer support team is reachable 24/7 and respond quite quickly. This ensures that your problems are resolved at the quickest. Moreover, each client is assigned a merchant success manager. This manager known all about your company and hence is of huge help when face a problem. Here you can see more articles about BigCommerce vs Shopify Plus Click


Choose Shopify Plus as your enterprise platform. Begin your journey today.

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