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BigCommerce vs Shopify Plus: Facts That Prove Shopify is The Best Ecommerce Platform for your UK Business

For enterprise level businesses, BigCommerce and Shopify Plus are top solutions offering 24/7 support, mobile-friendly features, and highly customizable themes. Here are a few facts that prove that Shopify is the best ecommerce platform for your UK-based business!

When it comes to cloud-based and enterprise ecommerce platforms, BigCommerce Enterprise and Shopify Plus are two of the top contenders on the market.


Whether you are new to the ecommerce game or you are interested in upgrading your current ecommerce shopping cart, you are probably wondering which one is better for your UK-based business – Shopify or BigCommerce? Which platform will support your business requirements as your company develops and grows?

We will take an in-depth look by comparing these two ecommerce platforms including advantages and disadvantages, in other words it is a guide of BigCommerce vs Shopify: The Key Differences You Need to Know, it will provide you with clear facts that prove Shopify is after all the best platform for your UK brand.

BigCommerce Enterprise vs Shopify Plus: Scalability, Customization, Themes & Pricing

Ecommerce solution Shopify was first to offer an enterprise-level product (Shopify Plus), launched in 2014. BigCommerce launched BigCommerce Enterprise in 2015.

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  • Scalability: The option for your platform to grow as your company grows is an essential factor to take into consideration. If you are looking to expand your brand, you will be exposed to increased traffic, sales, and markets. Both platforms have industry-leading uptime and can handle any traffic. Shopify Plus, however, delivers page speeds x3 faster than BigCommerce.
  • Customization: The ability to customize your store to suit your brand’s design is another important consideration. Shopify Plus provides you with Shopify Scripts – an option that allows your brand to be more flexible by customizing scripts, shopping carts, and checkouts. BigCommerce Enterprise also allows customization (with HTML and CSS codes only).
  • Themes: Shopify Plus offers a broad selection of themes allowing complete customization and web page manipulation. BigCommerce also offers customizable themes that help you create appealing online stores.
  • Pricing: In terms of pricing, Shopify Plus price starts from around $2000 a month (please keep in mind that this price may increase or decrease based on your gross merchant volume). There are no extra 3rd party web hosting expenses or any service fees. BigCommerce Enterprise price starts from $1000 per month (this price can also vary based on your sales and storefront).




Which is the best enterprise-level ecommerce platform for your UK-based business?

Here are a few facts that prove that Shopify Plus is the best possible ecommerce solution for your UK-based business:

  • Shopify Plus offers a free Merchant Success Manager (BigCommerce charges for Merchant Success manager)
  • Page load with Shopify Plus is 3 times faster than with BigCommerce Enterprise
  • Shopify Plus offers over 2000 apps while BigCommerce offers only 400
  • In terms of theme options, Shopify Plus has a huge selection of free and paid themes
  • In terms of features, options, and innovation, Shopify Plus is known as the market leader while BigCommerce is always one step behind.
  • The Shopify platform has an intuitive Admin User Experience
  • Shopify Plus offers over 20 marketplace channels, while BigCommerce has a lot less.

Are you ready to make a final decision and conclude the ultimate debate: BigCommerce Enterprise vs Shopify Plus?

Although these two platforms are similar, there are some points making Shopify Plus the best ecommerce solution for your enterprise business.

Both platforms are big contenders on the market as sophisticated ecommerce solutions, however, if you want the very best for your UK-based business, we definitely recommend you to try Shopify Plus.

Your business will benefit from all the features, apps, and customization options the Shopify platform offers and you will finally execute your brand vision.

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