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Zen Buddhist Sangha in Glasgow, Scotland, practising internationally online

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City Cave Zen has meetings online, using Signal Messenger. Signal is open source, secure (all messages and video chats are encrypted) and works well on phone, tablet and desktop across multiple platforms. To activate a Signal account, a phone number is required. We will never share your phone number with any individual or organisation.

To be added to our Signal group, email us.

Current Schedule (Scottish time):

Sunday Sangha Meeting, 6pm-7pm

The meeting includes a short chanting service, 25 minutes of zazen (meditation), followed by a Dharma talk (usually) by dogo. After the talk, questions/discussion are invited. If you would like to join us, email us and we will send you our liturgy and order of service.

Just Sitting in Silence, Monday & Thursday, 6pm-6:30pm

No Dharma talk, no chanting, no conversation, just a half hour of zazen together. The Monday sit is usually led by daishin, and the Thursday sit usually led by dogo. Three rings of the inkin bell begin the meditation, and one ring ends it.

Glasgow Meetings (In Person), Thursday, 11am-12pm

25 minutes zazen (seated on chairs or cushions), followed by questions/discussion. Led by daishin and dogo. Instructions for beginners 15 minutes before.

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